Employee Spotlight

Rod Nichols

November 10th, 2023

Congratulations to Rod Nichols on a monumental 31-year-long career with South Coast Lumber and Pacific Wood Laminates, primarily as our technical sales manager!

Rod started in the wood products industry fresh out of school in 1980. He worked for an old-growth cutting mill, gaining experience in numerous positions throughout the company, allowing him to learn all about logs and lumber. He settled in as the log yard supervisor, then made the decision to migrate to Brookings where his parents resided.

When Rod came to South Coast, he worked in various positions, from pulling green chain to operating forklifts and heavy equipment in the log yard. He had learned the inner workings and felt very confident in his operating abilities. After a while, an opening came up in the Quality Control department at Pacific Wood Laminates. He was selected for the position and jumped right into learning all about the process and logistics of engineered wood products.

To no surprise, Rod was promoted to the QC supervisor and was recognized by the Plywood Sales Manager at the time, Ken Caylor, who advocated that Rod make his way into sales based on his impressive presentation skills and immense product knowledge. Rod’s go-getter attitude, people skills, and eagerness to learn, all made the transition to sales incredibly natural. Rod was a huge proponent of the growth and success of our Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) division. With his detailed understanding and expertise, he was able to acquire major customers in that particular sector of the industry.

Rod expresses a deep loyalty to South Coast Lumber and Pacific Wood Laminates, considering the company more as a family than an employer. Some of his closest friends, whom he has worked alongside for decades, compliment his ability to talk to anyone, whether they’re a contractor or the president of a top window and door supplier. Rod is truly unlike anybody you’ll ever meet.

In retirement, Rod looks forward to spending more time at the pool with his grandkids and his amazing wife, Chris. We will miss you tremendously, Rod! Thank you simply isn’t enough to capture our gratitude for who you are and everything you’ve accomplished!