A photo of a South Coast Lumber company semi truck in front of the plant

South Coast Lumber Co. owns substantial prime Douglas fir timber and timberlands predominantly located in Curry County, Oregon.

We operate our company-owned production facilities in Brookings, Oregon, and lease a plywood and LVL manufacturing facility to Pacific Wood Laminates.

Main Office

Our main office is located down the road from our Pacific Wood Laminates location, directly behind Fred Meyer.

885 Railroad Ave.
Brookings OR 97415
(541) 469-2136

South Coast Lumber Co.

Our sawmill, veneer mill, and planer mill are all located on the north side of Brookings.

17345 Carpenterville Rd.
Brookings, OR 97415

Pacific Wood Laminates, Inc.

Our plywood and LVL manufacturing facilities are located adjacent to each other, in the middle of town just down the road from our main office.

819 Railroad St.
Brookings, OR 97415

Merlin Distribution

Merlin Distribution is our reload facility located on a rail spur just off Interstate 5, three miles north of Grants Pass, Oregon. The location offers unloading, reloading, and warehousing of all South Coast Lumber & Affiliates products onto flatbed trucks, box vans, boxcars, and center beam rail cars. Our secure warehouse can hold 75 trucks of lumber, plywood, and LVL products. Another 85 trucks can be stored outside near the center-beam loading area.

700 Merlin Rd.
Merlin, OR 97532
(541) 472-0275

Eureka Distribution

Eureka Distribution is our lumber reload facility located four miles west of Eureka off Highway 101 between the beach and the bay. The location offers unloading and reloading for flatbed trucks as well as log trucks for transportation back to the main sawmill. The yard can facilitate about 40 loads of plywood or lumber and around 3-4 million board feet of logs.

One LP Dr.
Samoa, CA 95564
(916) 370-4935