Douglas Fir Lumber (Green & Kiln Dried) is one of the world’s premium building products and is prized for its straight grain patterns, dimensional stability and nail-holding power.

We offer Doug Fir Lumber in a range of sizes in:

Green (GDF)

Kiln Dried (KDDF)

Douglas Fir Lumber

Lucidyne GradeScan

Our Lucidyne Technologies Grade Scanner was built in Corvallis, Oregon. The machine was installed at our planer mill in fall of 2020. The purpose of this innovation is to improve the accuracy and consistency of our lumber grading abilities while preventing downtime and maximizing our overall value recovery.

The GradeScan has been programmed by certified lumber graders that have entered information from numerous examples of potential defects. Learning algorithms calculate all this data, allowing the machine to recognize similar instances when present in other pieces of lumber. With Perceptive Sight software, the GradeScan trains itself by reading through these samples while becoming familiar with the images and labels. Even when new defects or regulation changes occur, new examples will run through to keep training and accuracy up to date.

The reliability of this artificial intelligence technology is tested by running thousands of boards through and double-checking the results to make sure they are being graded correctly. This type of innovation goes beyond the capability of the human eye in terms of image recognition by factoring in more characteristics such as grain direction and slight hue differentiations.