PacWork door and window parts are precision engineered LVL components cut to your precise specifications for immediate assembly.

  • They eliminate waste.
  • Reduce production time and costs.
  • Provide greater dimensional stability and strength-to-weight ratios than lumber and OSB components.
  • Virtually eliminate cupping and bowing. And remain uniformly straight, flat and true.

Our door and window components are available in vertical or horizontal layups, with edge or face veneers for the traditional look of solid wood, or with our factory applied overlays for strong, smooth surfaces for longer-lasting finishes. We can also finish a component for immediate installation or rip and chop a part for retrofitting or other special needs and ship it off to you ready to install.

PacWork door and window parts are manufactured with durable Douglas Fir veneers sourced from our local timberlands and engineered with the exact number of crossbands to maximize the performance of each individual component.

And here is the best part: like all of our Laminated Veneer Lumber products, PacWork components are available with FSC Certification.


Product Literature (PDF)

SDS Safety Data Sheet