From our forest floor to your door.

Traditional laminated veneer lumber (LVL) is commonly known throughout the residential and nonresidential building industry as a structural product.

We serve a completely different niche for the same industries. Our product offerings are engineered to provide superior solutions for problematic applications for the window and door industry in addition to the concrete form industry.

Our LVL core is inherently stiffer and stronger due to our operations through vertical integration and the ability to take our raw materials directly from tree to finished product. We can control the quality of our veneer as well as the integrity of the peel on the lathe. With precise calculations for optimal angles and distances of our knife blades, our cuts are uniformly thick which enables us to maximize our value recovery.

Our drying techniques vary based on the type of wood that we run. Scanning for moisture content allows us to sort and stack our veneer appropriately to increase overall drying capacity and accuracy. When the proper amount of water is removed and the veneer reaches its target moisture content, we can produce the highest quality glue bonds using all exterior rated adhesives.
With proprietary layup strategies using high density Doug Fir veneer, we can achieve the highest stiffness values in the industrial LVL sector. In contrast to plywood, LVL is manufactured by layering multiple thin layers of veneer aligning in the same direction versus being rotated. This results in less deflection and greater dimensional stability.

The combination of our peel integrity, the strength of our Doug Fir veneer, our internal drying process, and the quality of our glue bonds all contribute to our competitive edge in the market.

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