Employee Spotlight

Nolan Roy

July 14th, 2022

Congratulations to Nolan Roy for retiring after 6.5 fun and busy years as our Plywood Operations Manager!

Nolan has brought so much perspective and insight from his dedicated studies at Oregon State University, his time spent at other wood products companies, and his travels around the world. He expresses immense pride in Pacific Wood Laminates for accomplishing a year of virtually no complaints relative to quality in 2021 for plywood products, now that’s a stellar achievement!

We are so appreciative of Nolan’s time with South Coast Lumber Co. and Pacific Wood Laminates, Inc. Nolan explains that the people here are eager to learn and always looking to improve. As someone who loves to help and lead, Nolan has thrived in this type of environment. We commend his commitment to personally taking the time to get to know each employee, as a true leader would!

With Nolan’s extensive experience in the industry, positively rambunctious attitude, and drive to get things done, he has helped tremendously in progressing our company forward. We will miss you and your enjoyable sense of humor, Nolan!