Employee Spotlight

Mike Bruggeman

November 10th, 2023

Congratulations to Mike Bruggeman on an honorable 24-year-long career with Pacific Wood Laminates, primarily as our Plywood Day Shift Supervisor!

Mike worked for Roseburg Forest Products right out of school, primarily in supervisory positions. He spent about 18 years at their Dillard and Coquille locations before he moved to Brookings. He also served three years in the army while still employed with RFP. With his extensive experience in the industry, Mike was an asset to us right out of the gate, ensuring our production levels were always running efficiently.

Mike also played an instrumental role in introducing concrete form overlays to our product line. From initial implementation to being known as one of the top suppliers in the USA, our concrete form overlays have been a legendary addition to our company. Mike summarizes the whole journey as a fun example of “taking a direction and seeing how far you can go”, and boy did it turn out successful!

Thank you for everything, Mike! Wishing you a wonderfully relaxing retirement!