Employee Spotlight

Carl Larsen

November 10th, 2023

Congratulations to Carl Larsen (pictured on the left with our CEO on the right) on a nearly 10-year-long career with South Coast Lumber as our Head Saw Filer!

Saw filing is a critical component to success in our industry because without properly functioning saws, production completely stops. Saw filers use various hand tools, machines, welding equipment, computers, sophisticated electronic equipment, and lasers to maintain saws to the highest possible standards. This trade involves inspecting equipment, performing necessary maintenance, sharpening and adjusting the teeth of the saws, computing the number and angles of teeth to produce specific cuts, and performing all other necessary duties to keep equipment in peak operating condition.

Carl and his crew cover every South Coast Lumber and Pacific Wood Laminates department, ensuring safe and productive operations across the board. Managing a saw filing department takes pristine attention to detail and impressive problem-solving skills. Carl lights up anytime he can walk somebody through the inner workings and science of saw filing. He is extremely elaborate and showcases immense pride and ownership in his work.

Carl officially joined his wife, Terri (our former shipping and receiving clerk), in retirement on Wednesday after a get-together with all the crews. We wish Carl and Terri all the best in their next adventures, and we are eternally grateful for their time with South Coast Lumber Co.!