Vicente Ferrer

May 9th, 2021

Vicente Ferrer

Vicente Ferrer has been working for South Coast Lumber in our veneer division for 28 years. Vicente started pulling green chain which involves taking sheets of veneer off a conveyor and sorting them onto carts that will be transported to the plywood mill. Then, he operated the stacker for several years. Not long after that, he became a forklift driver and has continued to operate the Hyster machines for over 20 years. He admits that he enjoys the flexibility and movement of driving around the mill rather than operating a machine from one spot.

With two sons in college, job security and a reliable income are both very important to Vicente. When he first started working for the company, he anticipated only staying for just a few years. As the economy struggled, he realized he was in the right place to take care of his responsibilities and decided to stay.

In his spare time, Vicente enjoys staying active and taking advantage of the beautiful scenery around the area. This ties back to his preference of not staying in one spot for very long. To keep moving, he enjoys swimming in the rivers, riding bicycles, going to the redwoods, and having picnics on the beach with his family.

With a slight language barrier, Vicente pays careful attention and learns by intently watching and taking his training very seriously. Doing so has taught him so much and he is now one of the most versatile and reliable employees that we can always count on. It is so impressive how many different jobs Vicente can perform around the mill. He is liked and well respected by everyone he works with. Vicente, we are extremely thankful that you continue to choose South Coast Lumber as your employer!