Rita Contreras

May 10th, 2021

Rita Contreras

Rita Contreras has worked for Pacific Wood Laminates in our LVL Division for over 22 years. Three of her brothers used to work at our sawmill back in the day, which is what enticed Rita to apply with the company. Without many opportunities back home, Rita decided to move north in pursuit of a reliable career that would help support her family members whom she holds near and dear to her heart.

With over two decades of experience working through the complete process of LVL manufacturing, Rita really knows the ins and outs of the unique operations. She is very dedicated and thorough with her work and is always willing to help wherever needed. Rita has stepped up and taken on integral responsibilities when other employees in critical positions have retired.

The biggest motivator for Rita is without a doubt, her family. All her hard work has been devoted to supporting and raising her loved ones. She takes immense pride in all five of her children’s accomplishments including putting them through school and watching them achieve their goals and follow their passions. As her family continues to grow, Rita explains the feeling of becoming a grandmother as being the greatest gift in life. During her spare time, she prioritizes keeping her relatives together whether that be planning exciting vacation trips or cooking lots of delicious food for everyone to enjoy all together.

Colleagues describe Rita as a person with a ton of energy, a huge heart, and an impressive ability to teach. It is evident that no matter what Rita sets her mind to, she accomplishes with a heartfelt and conscientious mindset. Rita, we are so appreciative of your commitment to this company, and we feel incredibly grateful to have such a strong and genuine individual as a part of our family. Thank you for all that you do!