Randy Middleton

May 11th, 2021

Randy Middleton

Randy Middleton runs our reload facility in Merlin, Oregon. He has been with South Coast for over 14.5 years and has done every job available in the log yard and around the warehouse. Randy was hired right after the facility was first leased in 2006, and has played a crucial role in developing and expanding all operations. It was a definite learning curve at the beginning with many valuable lessons as this was a new venture for the company. With diverse experience working for corporate and privately-owned companies previously, Randy explains that with South Coast, “this place just seems different… I feel like I’m working for a family.”

Our offsite distribution locations in Merlin and Eureka are critical for timely deliveries to our customers. A significant amount of our logs (roughly 20 million ft.) and products (60% of LVL, 50% of plywood, and 25% of lumber) are transported on trucks or by railcars. Randy’s favorite part about his job is talking to all the different truck drivers. The saying “you get what you give” has been a motto for Randy as he prioritizes treating people the way he’d like to be treated, with respect. He has noticed that the drivers always enjoy coming back, mainly due to their positive experiences!

A fun fact about Randy is that he grew up with parents that were awesome cooks. When Food TV came around, it completely amplified his cooking skills and he learned how to make just about everything. He admits that his favorite type of food to prepare is BBQ. Randy even dabbled in catering for a while, preparing food for weddings as well as our company golf tournament for a handful of years!

We have always been able to count on Randy to oversee a critical division of our company without a worry. Even with all the responsibility and potential stress that comes with a supervisory role, you’ll rarely see Randy without a friendly smile on his face. Randy, we are very lucky to have you as a part of the family! Thank you for all of your help, hard work, patience, good food, and happy memories over the years.