Paul Bowlin

May 3rd, 2021

paul bowlin

Happy 45th work anniversary to our LVL Superintendent, Paul Bowlin!

Paul came from working in the woods and was confident that he could run any type of equipment the company had. With specific instructions involving a 988K loader, Paul proved his mechanical capabilities and has continued to impress over the years. From operating the lathe at just 18 years of age to playing a major role in the development of our LVL Division… Paul has always been willing to accept new challenges and opportunities with a “why not” mentality. He has been there for the hard times and stayed through to witness one of the best markets he has seen to date.

Born and raised on a ranch in the Brookings area, Paul has a deep appreciation for the simple things in life. He enjoys fishing, hunting, exploring Eastern Oregon, and flying airplanes. He would much rather highlight the success of his colleagues than discuss his own personal achievements. The pride that Paul portrays for the people he works with is tremendous. With a deep belief and understanding that people are the most valuable assets to a company, Paul prioritizes communication and accommodations through his leadership strategies. Paul encourages people to reach their true potential by checking in and making sure they are aware of the advancement opportunities available to them. He says, “the sky is the limit and it just keeps going.”

After all these years, Paul admits he still enjoys coming to work every day. LVL Manager, Arnie George, notes that “Paul has more determination and fortitude than any person I’ve ever met.” Paul is the ideal role model with an incredible work ethic, genuine spirit, and humble personality. We are eternally grateful for your dedication and embodiment of the qualities and values we strive to represent throughout our company. Congratulations on your remarkable accomplishments!