Lorimer Bertolini

April 25th, 2021

lorimer bertolini

Lorimer Bertolini has been working for Pacific Wood Laminates for over 40 years in our Plywood Division. With 18 years of experience on the spreaders, he has ventured over to the curtain coater, spent some time at the paint booth, and is now a forklift driver in our shipping warehouse. On average, Lorimer loads/unloads around 18-20 truckloads per day. In between trucks, he organizes product units in the warehouse, making sure he knows exactly where everything is.

Incorporating new product offerings over the years has provided additional learning opportunities. Lorimer notes that by diversifying into new markets and continuing to invest in our operations, we have been able to remain a reliable employer in the community, offering family-wage jobs to qualified individuals. Lorimer having started a family early on was able to capitalize on those benefits. His self-motivation and diligent work ethic have thrived in this type of work environment.

Moving from Crescent City to Brookings, Lorimer appreciates the warmer weather. Back in the day, he would explore all over on his dirt bike, climbing hills and participating in a few cross-country races. In his spare time nowadays, he enjoys fishing for tuna and bottom feeders with his two brothers that also live in the area.

Lorimer, you are an asset to this company. We are very thankful for your time, experience, and camaraderie!