Elloy Navarro

April 24th, 2021

Elloy Navarro

Elloy Navarro has worked for Pacific Wood Laminates for 21 years. His personality radiates positivity to where you can’t help but smile when around him. Even during hectic times, he still manages to joke around, keeping energy levels up while staying on track. He’ll go out of his way to address those around him by their first name, making them feel valued and respected.

With so many different moving parts to manage in LVL, Elloy is “always prepared and thinking ahead”, which is why the stress never gets to him. He emphasizes the importance of dating, labeling, and highlighting paperwork to stay organized.

Elloy’s son, Rudy Navarro, started working at our sawmill several years ago. The excitement and pride expressed by Elloy for Rudy continuing the family legacy is absolutely heartwarming. We are incredibly lucky to have Elloy and Rudy as a part of our SOCOMI family 🌲