Employee Spotlight

Dave Dimmick

May 12th, 2021

Dave Dimmick

Dave Dimmick is the Head Sanderman at our Plywood Mill. In March, he will be celebrating 50 consecutive years with our PWL Plywood Division. This is a MAJOR accomplishment that no employee has achieved before. With encouragement from his father who spent 25 years at the mill, Dave is proud to have doubled that feat working with his uncle, brother, and son along the way.

Dave was at the mill when we had our very own gas station. He recalls fuel being just 23 cents per gallon when he’d fuel up his green ’71 Dodge Charger. There were only two presses and the patch line had individual stations. We now have four presses, an efficient patch line, and modernized machinery. Dave attributes solid management to the longevity of the business. While other mills were shutting down, we kept right on running by making the right investments with a future-focused mindset.

Periodically installing new equipment has made work less physically demanding while providing new opportunities to learn. At 68 years old, Dave appreciates the innovation and diversity of wood that we run. “People say that I’m crazy because I still enjoy coming to work every day.” Other employees have noted that they’d like to have Dave’s job because he makes it look so easy. What they don’t realize is Dave has had years of experience memorizing all of the information necessary to properly run the sander. Dave will go the extra mile of writing all that information down to help others because he knows without that resource, they simply wouldn’t be able to run as smoothly. On top of that, Dave keeps extra material on hand for quality control to fill any potential defect missed by the patch line. This is not required; however, the extra care is greatly appreciated and noteworthy.

Dave is the epitome of an ideal employee. His attendance is pristine, his work ethic is diligent, and his dedication is reputable. We are extremely proud to have Dave a part of the family for almost 50 years now. Thank you for continuing to choose us as your employer, we are eternally grateful!